Photomorphia, Kolkata

Art & Sculpture | Craft | Light & Shade

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal
Area: 32 sqm
Status: Completed in December 2017
Client: The India Story, 2017

We strive everyday to capture the light we cannot touch. We have done so since time immemorial. We disperse it, diffuse it, scatter it, reflect it, refract it; Light is eternal, omni-present.

From dark forests to open seas, in gloomy days and starry nights, through trains in tunnels and sunny fields, from within and without, light finds a way.

The installation, designed for an annual Indian design exhibition, metaphorically aims to show how we have come a long way in manipulating light - magnifying it or moderating it; creating light where there is none and adding shade when it is abundant. The balance is always delicate. Yet, light seems to have an intrinsic quality of always emerging beautiful. Here, light filters through porous screens to create dynamic patterns. The effect creates a mesmerizing ambience showcasing the enigmatic beauty of soft light.

And we remain, as always, addicted to light.