Happyworks - Working Pod, Newtown, Kolkata

Colour | Contemporary | Graphics | Metal

Location: Newtown, Kolkata
Status: Initial modules Completed, Additional units under construction

Happyworks - the working pod is a response to the working culture that Covid-19 has set in. The pandemic has brought in sea changes in the way one works. Although working from home gives the flexibility to stay at home, saving time and energy from traveling, it has not been experienced as the most productive style of working. The confined monotonous space has brought in concerns tangibly affecting mental health.

The Pod was envisioned during the first wave of Covid-19 to counter such difficulties. It houses different types of work stations catering to all i.e. from small groups to individual people working. To balance out, relaxing pockets like an indoor screening zone, cafe, outdoor courtyard and amphitheater have been designed. All of these programs seamlessly flow into each other, giving the user freedom to choose and maneuver easily. The natural lighting, the shaded courtyard, connects the user to the natural elements and aids in invigorating them. Being modular design, the pod has been placed at various nodes in Newtown.