Gallery House

Art & Sculpture | Making of a Place | Brick | Craft | Facade | Light & Shade | Terracotta

Location: Bansberia, West Bengal, India
Area: 380 sqm
Status: Completed

The building was designed on a site of area 330 square meters to serve the local community in the peri-urban locale of Bansberia, West Bengal. Exposed brick masonry walls inlaid with ceramic blocks define the building character as a contemporary expression of the inspiration from Bengal's terracotta temples.

This locality holds a yearly festive procession along its lanes. Reciprocating this, the building steps down towards the street forming a gallery for the onlookers to sit, who gather at the street-side during this event. Through judicious planning and play of voids in volume, the integral space of the building was shared with the neighborhood people as a humane gesture of giving back to the local community, without disrupting the privacy and security of inner functions.