Sanjay Agarwal Villa


Location: Newtown, Kolkata
Area: 600 Sqm
Status: Statutory In progress
Client: Private Client

When designing Villas the intent is always to create an architecture, that is handcrafted, unique and topical - reflecting the identity of a household, fostering dreams that turn to reality, provoking experiences that turn to memories. This villa too is not an exception.

Maximizing natural light and ventilation, achieving in turn a fluidity of space that guarantees different experience for the owner in relation to the outer and inner arrangement of spaces is one of the key design considerations complying of course the Vastu criteria.

Acutely reflecting the tropical roots of the context, the architectural language is robust and grounded punctuated by some openings. The purity of material – ribbed concrete adds to the simplicity of the villa architecture.