Contemporary | Facade

Location: 2, Russell Street, Kolkata
Built Area: 84,500 sft
Completion: Under construction
Client: PS Group

A commercial building that caters to the urban-individualist aspirations of a multi-tenant spatial structure, VOLT is a comprehensive collaboration of architectural intent with structural and service systems to create a "product-based architecture" custom-fit to the needs of the client, tenants and the urban social space. A form generated as the most efficient iteration of statutory, climatic, vastu as well as aesthetic requirements of the clients PS Group, it intends to merge with the urban landscape with cascading terraces and an unobtrusive facade system, while the lush greens of a receding skyline provide a visual relief to both the tenants and urban dwellers of the surrounding area.
The project is in a prime location of Kolkata's business district, with several upcoming high-end projects taking shape along with existing modern and heritage developments, the cultural centre of the city in Park street area. As a result, the design and infrastructural setup are envisaged as world-class, keeping in touch with the city's surroundings and cultural roots, while reflecting the high hopes and ethos of the business setup of the project.
Divided vertically into public retail and business spaces, most of the visitor entry is limited to the lower two floors and upper floors are designed as tenant spaces for office use, each with their own terrace, and quality of space, difficult to provide in today's economy, irrespective of the size of the space bought.