Festive Pavillion - Behala Nutan Dal Durga Puja 2018

Art & Sculpture | Craft | Metal

Location: Behala Nutan Dal, Kolkata, West Bengal
Area: 3767 sft.
Status: Completed in October, 2018
Client : Behala Nutan Dal Durga Puja Committee.

‘Children’ and ‘Childhood’ are going through a crisis in the Global context. ‘Art’ can be a strong medium to express the concerns pertaining to the children, who are actually the future flag bearers and responsible for the progress of our civilization.
The installation is based on the idea of ‘Childhood’. At the entrance of the installation, an abstract flight of birds overhead depicts the freedom of thought and creativity in young children. The wings gradually diminish and the birds tessellate into an array of boxes. Along with the deconstructed arrangement, the boxes put forward a commentary on the scenario of a child’s immense inherent potential getting slowly confined into a metaphorical box. The form of the installation then compels the viewer into a ‘void’, a place to sit and contemplate, in the axial presence of “Maa Durga”.