S Villa

Contemporary | Light & Shade

Location: Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
Area: 14,500 sft
Completion: Under construction
Client: Private

Located in a dense urban context, the brief was to design a villa with a jewellery showroom on the ground and first floor.
The essence of the design was therefore to visually segregate the commercial and the residential areas and also design the residential part maintaining enough privacy from the neighboring buildings on either side which are too close to this building. The other challenge was to make the overall building look like a residential one and restrict the commercial shop overpower the residential use. Deep verandahs and planter beds create a bold elevation and also bring relief to the otherwise urban context of the villa surroundings. The use of ribbed concrete adds to the boldness of the design and lends a monolithic design approach which skillfully ties both the building uses in a harmonious way.