IQ City Nursing College, Durgapur

Colour | Contemporary | Green | Light & Shade

Location: Durgapur, West Bengal
Area: 45,000 sft
Client: IQ City of Intelligent minds & Quality healthcare
Status: Completed

The building is situated in the educational precinct of the 'IQ City' development at a striking corner plot. While the surrounding buildings curve in response to the roundabout, the project sits square and firm on ground yet subtly opening up through the scooped out lower floors. the rooms in the corner of this square building are removed to create an entrance plaza which results in effective visual connection and physical continuation of space into the courtyard.

A nursing college is essentially an institution that nurtures young people to be empathetic efficient care givers. Effective communication, cultivated over time through interaction with people from various walks of life, plays a major role in sensitising one on the issues of others. The design focuses primarily on spaces that fosters such interaction and the exchange of ideas through communication.