Macha, Baruipur

Bamboo | Contemporary | Metal

Location: Langalberia, Baruipur, West Bengal, India
Area: 1850 sft
Status: Completed

Located in rural farmlands on the outskirts of Kolkata, the brief for this two-bedroom weekend retreat was to create a space that matched the tranquil surroundings of its setting. A place that blends in with the land, rather that breaks away from it. Set within a guava orchard in the farm, the idea was to build a ‘Macha’, or an elevated observation platform, that becomes a place of reprieve from the rigours of urban life.

Raised nine feet above the ground, this residential outhouse provides a dual purpose. It elevates one above the canopy level of the surrounding plantation, providing uninterrupted views all around. It also lifts the habitable spaces up to safety – away from undesired wildlife of this flood-prone zone.