Treading the Mist, Kolkata

Art & Sculpture | Colour | Contemporary | Fabric

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal
Area: 21 sqm
Status: Completed in October, 2016
Client: The India Story, 2016

The Installation was been built for the Kolkata chapter of a national design festival – The India Story. Following this year’s theme of ‘Re-love, Revive and Reinvent’, the interactive sculpture was conceptualized to represent a metaphorical journey from the mists of contemporary influences to the clarity of traditional roots of design.

A cube made of translucent layers of fish-net fabric with parametric cut-outs forming a pathway was visualized – at the end of which a mirror would emphasize -by reflection- a larger volume of mists. While making a journey through these layers, one would be able to see a hint of silhouettes in the reflection, evoking a feeling of ‘exploring the unknown’. This also depicts the process of innovation through time.