Aspiring Zenith

Art & Sculpture

Location : Alipore, Kolkata
Status : Completed
Client : RP-SG Group

The installation is a representative of positive growth, which is a metaphoric expression of a staircase.
The form growing from wider steps to a pinnacle at top symbolizes the rooted legacy of the organization, a stability that propagates an onward journey to the top. The sculpture has been envisaged in mirror finish, reflecting the surroundings literally and figuratively, attempting to dilute the behemoth structure, being notionally invisible while creating an environment of responsible success.
A human figure has been mounted at the top with a dynamic posture, carrying a cell phone that signifies the idea of the present generation and cultural ethos in the era of "future", leading towards a path of growth.The human figure has been taken from the famous sculpture, Les Voyageurs, by French artist Bruno Catalano.
The installation is an example of how the critical mathematics of balance can be integrated into expressive art through minute engineering.