Connecting Groves

Colour | Concrete | Facade

Location: Baruipur, West Bengal
Area: 1,55,000 sft
Completion: Under construction
Client: Private

The school brief stated “Sports” to be the prime consideration for the development of this particular school. The present educational system overburdens the students academically and for a holistic development of the body and the mind, Sport activities plays a prime role .

Designed as a partially residential school to emphasis on the sport activities, the area of play areas needs to be increased. Being a narrow low lying land with lot of existing trees, the building was designed as a stilted structure taking advantage of the land level which generated interesting play areas and helped connect various courtyards. Thus, from road, it seems that the building is sitting on trees. The green thus formed at the lower level continues on the façade with green planter beds created on the periphery with mesh on the exterior to allow children access those areas and actually help the plants grow . Chldhood with nature and full of play activities is the USP of the project apart from the state of the art academic infrastructure which all educational institutes provide in general.