Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata - Restoration & Renovation

Art & Sculpture | Contemporary | Metal | Stone

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal
Area: 3110 Sqm
Client: NBCC India Ltd.
Status: completed

The main aim for the renovation of Victoria Memorial Hall is to exemplify the intrinsic grandeur of the monument. The interior design is planned to follow the strong architectural cues that the building informs. Its axes and symmetry being prime factors, the interiors are planned such that circulation and exhibits highlight these aspects for the visitors, revealing the structure boldly.

The forms used in the exhibition design structures subtly follow the existing architecture at a smaller scale so as to neither superimpose nor draw away attention, but to blend into the monument while only the displayed elements are highlighted against the grand backdrop. Main materials used in the original architecture being marble and sandstone, the proposed new exhibit structures use a language of sleek metal and glass. The monument being historically significant, the careful choice of forms and materials expects the visitor to be able to clearly distinguish the restoration from the intervention.