Bansal Villa

Facade | Light & Shade

Location : Alipore, Kolkata
Project Area : 1000 sqm

When designing Villas the intent is always create an architecture, that is handcrafted, unique and topical - reflecting the identity of a household, fostering dreams that turn to reality, provoking experiences that turn to memories.
We design to maximize natural light and ventilation, achieving in turn a fluidity of space that guarantees different experience for the user in relation to the outer and inner arrangement of spaces that conforms with the auspicious and in-auspiciousness associated with placement and orientation.
Acutely reflecting the tropical roots of the context, the architectural language is often robust and grounded punctuated by a generous mix of shaded and sunny spaces. Semi-open spaces mitigate the difference between interior and exterior, there is unhindered flow of people, light and air in and out.