One10 Experience Centre

Contemporary | Green

Location : Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Area : 8500 sft.
Status : Completed
Client : PS Group

The ground plane of this experience centre is modulated and split into two. An upper and a lower ground. The upper ground plane encourages one to walk amidst stepping stones, within the sense of a grassy hillside, with views towards the upcoming One10 residential towers. One gradually lands up two storeys above road level revealing not just the expanse of construction site or a glimpse of the aspirational home, but also the expected view from the home - that of a small lake surrounded by green thickets much like an urban resort. Meanwhile, under this green veil, the marketing office and sample flats are tucked in. On the entry level, the lower ground plane is manifested as a large open courtyard enveloped by the masses. One enters across a small water feature into a reception and into a corridor towards the meeting rooms, all along the courtyard. The three meeting rooms appear like fingers inserted into the landscape with pockets of green separating one from the other. One is led further into a small cafe space setting a more informal mood, with a framed view towards the lake beyond. Two sample apartments are planned on the first floor, under the higher parts of the upper green plane. The lower ground connects to this floor through a dramatic metal staircase rising from the courtyard. The entire first floor is encased with a mesh screen which will eventually be engulfed in greens. The experience centre will, thus, merge more-and-more into the landscape as the residential towers rise.