Contemporary | Metal

Location: Newtown, Kolkata
Site Area: 13,000 sft
Built-up Area: 900 sft
Status: Completed
Client: West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation
Architectural Intervention, Execution and Landscape Design: Abin Design Studio

The installation challenges the conventional idea of rigidity of material/ thought and explores their inherent ability of transformation into fluid form/ awareness. An experiment in parametric evolution of form, exploring merging boundaries of private and public, enclosure versus security, paradox of "emergence" in urban area with "mergence" in environment.

The installation is designed to break the typology of visual sculptures, to create an interactive art form that merges with urban life, open to sensory exploration. It is an intention, a possibility of individual entities coalescing into an effervescent form, representing unique pillars of thought converging into the human aspiration of holistic growth and united development. Reflecting the context of a smart city, where technology serves the needs of human comfort and ambition, the break from convention and stereotypes - unboxing the box - invites participants to live and interact with urban art. It explores different properties of steel, in its rigid form, its mesh-visibility and the reflectivity of stainless steel, that captures reflections of the city, its people, and the environment, distorting reality in its true form, creating a dynamic collage of life, changing at each instant of time - a dynamic art form.