Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur

Concrete | Contemporary | Green | Light & Shade | Stone | Vernacular | Water

Location: Nagpur, India
Area:1,46,820 sqm
Status: Competition Entry
Client: MNLU, Nagpur
Designed in Collaboration with sP+a
Landscape: Design Cell

Shifting Ground : The New Gurukul

A landscape driven, ecologically responsive built strategy was adopted for this large campus design to develop a contemporary manifestation of the ‘Gurukul’ way of living; where the development is consolidated to form a high-density built environment, conserving ample virgin landscape to be regenerated as forest cover. The primary intent was to perpetuate and preserve ecological justice and yet set the tone for sensible development in the metropolitan area.

An attempt has been made to consolidating results in social cohesiveness and resource-sharing, further optimised through utility of multifunctional flexible spaces. Green Fingers penetrate the built mass from the peripheral green verges and public streets in the transverse direction creating a pedestrian network as seen in traditional Indian cities.

The architectural expression of the campus of Maharashtra National Law University is perceived as a tribute to the long standing testimony of the state’s excellence in building with nature through Rock cut Architecture - where the built and the un-built intertwine in a seamless relationship fostering evocative experiences of light and shade, inside and outside, sky and ground.