Arthshila, Santiniketan

Making of a Place | Concrete | Craft | Earth | Green | Metal | Terracotta

Location: Santiniketan, West Bengal, India
Built-up Area: 425 sqm
Client: Takshila Foundation
Status: Completed
Collaboration: Partha Dasgupta

Santiniketan is the cradle of the Bengali Renaissance, primarily because of its close ties with Rabindranath Tagore. This is the place where the red soil and the air breathes music, art, and, culture. Inspired by this unique setting of Santiniketan, a center amidst nature emerges as a cusp of culture and heritage which resonates with Bengal ethnicity in a different spectrum. It is a unique confluence of workshops, exhibitions, and art galleries.

Today, Arthshila acts as Santiniketan's vital part of cultural activity which is open for public forum. It is that one project that is a redo of an age’s old residence, a center that was born from a desire to fit into the soft rural landscape and pay homage to the site’s unique architecture.