Lodha World School

Concrete | Facade

Location: Sector-2, Palava Township, Mumbai
Site Area: 4936 sq.m
Built-up area: 10,933 sq.m
Status: Completed
Client: Lodha Group

Required as a modular school for a township in Mumbai, for mid-to-low income group, providing basic educational facilities upto a secondary level education, turned into a challenge in merging ergonomics with a tight budget. A linear school building was proposed with maximum efficiency of circulation, without compromising with the quality of education. The building was designed to act as a landmark, easily marked out and accessible by the students. Climatic needs were a guiding factor in the design, to counter the heavy rains, humidity and warm weather of Mumbai. A second skin was provided to create deep niches in the facade and to keep the interiors cool. Primary colors and large deck spaces were created in multiple levels to encourage breakout activities and ventilation in the linear corridors.