Bamboo Pavilion, Bansberia

Making of a Place | Bamboo | Colour | Light & Shade

Location: Bansberia, West Bengal
Area: 1600 sq.ft.
Status: Completed
Client: Kishor Sangha Community

A temporary temple pavilion built for a local socio-religious festival in a small town on the fringes of Kolkata. It was a temporary structure to shelter an idol which was the focus of this festival. Set amidst a carnival atmosphere, the constant flux of people was a factor considered while conceptualizing its design. A notion of continuous movement was its guiding principle.
Another factor to consider was the reusability of the employed materials after the event. Economizing was important, especially because of the constrained budget. This being a community project, involvement of the club members provided enthusiastic manpower.
The installation was conceived using locally available bamboo, painted in rainbow colors to reflect the colour and vibrancy of the culture while reflective stickers combined with strategic lighting highlighted the same in the night as well.