JSW Modern Bengal Museum

Concrete | Contemporary

Location: Newtown, Kolkata
Built-up area: 12000 sq.m
Status: Under Construction
Client: JSW Foundation

Designed as a public space for people to memorialise the specificity of Bengal’s Partition history and its aftermath . A place where the history of partition of Bengal may be conserved, interpreted, studied, cherished and made available for the benefit of the people of the country.
The museum will also focus on the quiet continuity aspect of the Bengal partition in our living heritage - in language, literature, food, fabric and the performative arts.
The visitor is taken through a journey to induce some feelings, whether awe or claustrophobia through varying intensity of Spatial quality and light intensity.
Some spaces have more light than other, some narrower, some wider, some higher the experience is ever enchanting and suprising.