The Sanctuary, Kolkata

Contemporary | Green

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Area: 57,930 sqm
Status: Under Construction

this project maximises the full potential of the site and its unique location between two golf courses while accommodating and enhancing the client's programmatic requirements. Perhaps this is the only residential project in the country with such interesting view corridors between the greens. This played an important role in the overall planning from its conception.
We have carved out multiple green open spaces at various levels to extend upon the open feel. Along with abundant landscaping at the ground and podium levels, we have most importantly created an elevated "Park" at the 16th floor - a central “democratic space” for everyone to use, breathe in and enjoy the views. It forms an integral part of the overall green sanctuary of the development. This kind of social space in the middle of a high density residential complex is potentially a first for India.