Dr A P J Abdul Kalam Science City, Patna

Art & Sculpture | Brick | Contemporary | Facade | Light & Shade | Vernacular

Location: Patna, India
Area: 82,900 sqm
Status: Competition Entry, 2017
Client: Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of Bihar
Designed in collaboration with sP+a,Mumbai & WYTO, Singapore

This Science City pays tribute to the great Scientist of era, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, beloved former president and visionary who had expressed a desire to have a state of the art science city in Patna. This proposed science centre is a manifestation of that vision of this people’s President.

This Science City aims to inspire, empower and educate visitors by exploring the ways in which science is at work in the world around them. The Science City will be rooted in the historical and present-day context of Bihar, India and the world. Taking a page from his last lecture which was on ‘Creating a Livable Planet Earth’, this science city is sustainability at its core.

The aim of this Science City in Patna is to build on the rich legacy and current innovation in Bihar to firmly place India in a leadership role globally when it comes to communicating, discussing and experiencing the key issues that affect the future of residents, school groups and tourists.