SAMSKARA | Ballygunge Place | Kolkata

Concrete | Contemporary

Location: Ballygunge, Kolkata
Site Area: 1040 sq.m
Built-up area: 2286 sq.m
Date of Initiation: 22nd October, 2019
Status: Under construction
Client: Befinitive Ventures
Architects: Abin Design Studio

Located in an urban context in the heart of the city, the site is surrounded by residential buildings . The essence of the project was to utilize maximum FAR area being located in a prime area apart from being completely Vastu compliant. The green building compliance added to the available built up area. The frontage of the site being slant, the planning generated is very staggered with lot of notches. The view was therefore developed creating horizontal bands at all floor levels which hide the plan notches and create deep niches in the facade , giving the building a strong architectural language. Fins provided intermittently in a random manner between the horizontal bands lend an unique character to the elevation, duly punctuated by green plantation which allows the dwellers to connect with nature, even in a dense urban context. The entire building has been envisaged as a monolithic block which helps the building to stand out amidst the neighbouring residential clutter. The depths of the balcony openings, the louvers to hide the utility balconies and the fins create interesting shadow depths whereas the horizontal bands lend boldness to the design. Green planters at floor levels and green plantation on the fa├žade, wherever possible, provides a sustainable environment to the dwellers and also adds to the visual retreat for the passers by.