Aurus Sales Pavilion

Art & Sculpture | Contemporary | Glass | Green | Wood

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal
Area: 526 sq.m.
Status: Completed
Client: PS Group

In a competitive market like ours developers need well designed sales offices on site in order to entertain prospective buyers. This sales pavilion, though, is designed to be much more. The lower two storeys of the structure house a sample apartment amidst landscaped spaces while the rooftop glass box is purely a showcase deck. One can view the construction on all sides from the comfort of conditioned spaces as well as from a terrace garden.
The pavilion is not only a great way for clients to see what they could buy but also a space for them to enjoy at leisure and experience in their own way. Internally, it is a modified version of a typical apartment unit. A casual atmosphere is created by interconnecting meeting rooms, a model display zone and an audio-visual room with a live kitchen, dining and leisure spaces, finally leading to the mock-up room.